What's in my gig bag...

I am picky about the tools of my trade... so today I'm sharing with you, fellow musician, all the things that I keep in my gig bag. Feel free to check em out below - and if you decide to stock up yourself, just know these links do support me as an artist as well!

The Gig Bag Packing List

My favorite bag for gigs as a musician: 

Camera Backpack! I got mine from facebook marketplace, but using a bag with changeable sections and so. many. pockets. is a lifesaver at gigs. I keep the items I need at-the-ready at the top/outermost pockets (like my tuner, tuning key, and iPad) and can organize all my strings in different sections. There's so much space, and so much organizaton.

Check out this camera bag on Amazon

Music Stand for iPad

I love this stand because it folds up (condenses?) really small, so I can attach it to my gig bag and I don't have to carry an additional music stand around. Plus, it's sturdy, adjustable, and keeps my iPad safe.

Music Bench

This is the best music bench I've found so far for gigging! My old bench (another popular one on Amazon) ended up warping where the base brackets were. But without getting into it, this one can actually support the bodyweight of a fat babe like me. I did a ton of research to find the sturdiest portable music bench and this is the one.

Patio Deck Tiles (for performances)

For muddy, grassy weddings, these things are a lifesaver. They live in my car and I set up a small square for my instrument to sit on. It looks beautiful too :) 


Bose S1 Pro+ Amp

I love love love love this amp! I got a great deal on it from Guitar Center, but it's especially wonderful for outdoor weddings with its battery capability.

Audio Cable

Don't forget your cables. I have at least a 10ft on me at all times in my gig bag.

Korg Chromatic Tuner

The simple tuner we all need.

Tuner Pickup

If you have a pickup in your instrument, you can plug the tuner directly into that. If you don't, clip this on to your soundboard or tunign pins to get more accurate readings on your tuner (and make it easier to tune in loud environments)


The original MVP 

iPad Pro 12.9 inch

I LOVE transitioning all my music to digital. The big screen is basically the size of a sheet of paper, so it's super easy to read your music.

Apple Pencil 2nd Gen

Super important for working on sheet music and annotating scores on the ipad.

Otterbox Case for iPad

If you're clumsy like me.... well, you need this case.

Survival Sewing Kit

TRUST ME on this one. I have used it multiple times for my own (and other performers!) wardrobe malfunctions.

Liquid Bandage

Need I say more?

Fashion Tape

Also has helped me SO MUCH in times of need during bad mid-gig wardrobe malfuncitons.

Alcohol wipes

A companion to the fashion tape... I use this for my glasses, ipad, and most importantly, to apply on my skin before applying fashion tape so it actually sticks. (This is not medical advice btw) 

Whoosh! Screen (or Glasses) cleaner spray and microfiber cloths

I live by this stuff. I use this for my glasses, ipad screen, phone, you name it.

Minimergency kit

I got one of these as a gift forever ago and now it's a 100% necessary part of my gig bag.

My Ride or Die Nail File Set

I love these guys. The full set is fabulous, and my nails are so strong after only filing with these tempered glass files. I have the full set at home and take the small one in my gig bag with me!

Or single travel file...

If you just want to try one...

Floss Picks

Always good to have - and a little bit more sustainable than the ones at your local pharmacy ;) 

Aquaphor chapstick

Keep hydrated!

Tire Pump

For refilling tires on the go for my harp cart.

Owolo water bottle

I love the straw and pour features!

Camera shutter remote

This is SO useful if you ever gig alone. Instead of running to and fro to get content on your phone, set up one of these handy dandy shutter remotes and make your life way easier.

For students and teachers

Quikstaff Musician Pen

Sheet Music Folder Binder

Stylus Knockoff

Phone stand for desk

Thanks for wading through all of that capitalism with me, and I hope you find these tools helpful!