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Meet Tori

Asheville harpist Tori Parrish with harp and angel wings

musician, composer, artist

Hi, I’m Tori (they/them), a classically trained harpist with a degree in fine art painting and over a decade of experience performing at weddings, concerts and events. I’m a painter, musician, and renaissance creative.

I’m all about: crafting the perfect lavender latte, cuddling my kitties, and bourbon-barrel aged wine.
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My Story

I was only six years old when I fell in love with the harp.

As the story goes, I came home from a long and grueling day in the second grade and announced, “Mom, I want to play the harp.” Bless her heart, she found me a wonderful teacher with a backyard full of deer to entertain her and my little brother while I was in lessons.

I soon found myself lost in the pure joy of creating sound. At my first recital, I played with an ensemble with ten other harp students. I was fully immersed in the beautiful harmony of all those harps, and there was no coming back from that!

As I grew into a young harpist, I performed with my local orchestras and travelled abroad to perform with the American Youth Harp Ensemble’s 2013 European Tour. I continued my studies at Stanford University, where I performed in the Memorial Church, Bing Concert Hall, and the SLAC Accelerator Lab to name a few favorite venues!

Tori performing on the harp at St. Peter's Cathedral in Vienna, Austra
The American Youth Harp Ensemble performing in St. Peters Cathedral in Vienna, Austria.
Tori playing the harp at a concert
First harp recital in 2004
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